Side-scrolling Platformer 'Ravva and the Phantom Library' Comes to Xbox Consoles December 20

Originally published at: Side-scrolling Platformer 'Ravva and the Phantom Library' Comes to Xbox Consoles December 20 - XboxEra

Eastasiasoft and Galope have announced that their retro side-scrolling platformer ‘Ravva and the Phantom Library’ will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on the 20th of December. You can grab the game on the Xbox Store here for 9.99 EUR/USD.

Take the role young summoner apprentice Ravva and call upon 4 unique companions as you attempt to escape the nightmarish Phantom Library! In this retro side-scrolling platformer, you can enter the world of haunted books in any order you choose and defeat each book’s master before facing the one who controls the library. You can also reenter books you’ve cleared to discover new secrets and complete stages beyond just beating the boss, which could even unlock a special ending for the most dedicated summoners!

Inspired by 8-bit genre classics, Ravva and the Phantom Library combines clever level design with vibrant pixel art and precise controls to pay homage to those inspirations while offering a fresh new experience. Endearing characters, fluid animation and brain-teasing puzzles fill 7 challenging stages! Choose between 3 difficulty settings to personalize your experience.


  • Enjoy retro side-scrolling action as little owl summoner Ravva!
  • Use the unique talents of 4 companions to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.
  • Enter haunted books and traverse challenging stages with a variety of interesting themes!
  • Take down huge bosses animated in fluid pixel art style.
  • Revisit cleared book worlds to discover secrets and maybe even unlock a special ending!

Check out the trailer and screenshots below for more information on Ravva.