Shredders (Snowboarding) Out now on Gamepass

Anyone check it out yet. West coast hasn’t unlocked yet


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SnowBikeMike is currently streaming on Twitch. Will be interesting to hear what he thinks given his love of winter sports :snowboarder:

Some reviews are in, 7/10 on average. Seems like pure and focused snowboarding experience, with fun mechanics and quick gameplay sessions, but lacks depth and content. This seems like a good quick session type of game, great to keep on Quick Resume to chill out between other games, maybe something like Lonely Mountains Downhill. Will be downloading this later.

Now I’m sitting here wanting Cool Boarders to make a revival.

That is exactly what I would want from a game like this, nice!

Yeah, enjoying my time with it. Looks good, with a few screen tears which might be a vsync issue. But really it is fine.

Controls are interesting and a bit tricky, which is cool. But fuck me the voice acting! Haha, skipping all the cut scenes.

Also finding it hard to avoid holding the RT down to go faster. Really hard to unlink that from my brain!

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My impression too pretty much. The actual snowboarding is nice, controls will take a while to learn… The “story” and horrible dialogue are on mute now… jfc that is some of the worst obnoxious cringe I’ve listened to. I never skip story or dialogue, but this time I did after a while.

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