SHOWDOWN ROUND 4! 4 franchises left, 2 will remain!

  • Halo
  • Banjo-Kazooie

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  • Fable
  • The Elder Scrolls

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Winner of losers!
  • Forza
  • Prey
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Fallout
  • Gears of War

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I’ve got a feeling where this is going…

How can Banjo lose agains Halo, when its last version had Coop and Forge from day 1 where 343i still struggles? Get a grip you all!


Elder Scrolls v. Fable felt like tearing out my own heart. I love both for different reasons but ultimately it’s hard to think of a franchise in gaming more impactful to me then Elder Scrolls. Halo is the only one that’s close… Which if this goes the way I think it will is going to be a personal struggle between impact in my gaming past versus future excitement.

PGR the true winner

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To all the true nerds out there. When the last round comes we CANNOT let Halo beat the beloved Elder Scrolls! Think back to the thousands of hours you escaped reality to join an almighty fantastic world! Remember, when the time comes we must fight! :triumph:

Kinda joking kinda serious :joy:


Gears of War is the star of this entire showdown.


Gears of war lost to Fallout, and that lost to Halo by the looks but yeah it has been definitely putting up a fight. For what it’s worth I prefer the newer Gears to the newer Halo personally :man_shrugging:


Ive alwyas preferred gears to halo. More of a TPS guy myself. Gears is my fav xbox owned franchise by some distance.


My votes are made based on the Single Player campaigns and the surrounding IP (Books, Series, Movies). So when it comes to the canon it really is a fight between Halo and Elder Scrolls. I actually do not want to decide that fight. Tied first place for me!

Elder Scrolls is going to walk away with the over all victory for me.

Will be funny to see if The Elder Scrolls wins over Halo considering the fact that Halo is what made Xbox what it is today. I should place some bets. lol

TES pre-dates Halo but yeah, Halo was the Xbox killer game for the original Xbox to possibly the Xbox one era. TES was the killer game for almost every other console, and for a bit PC too.

Yeah, I know but Halo is Xbox and Xbox is Halo. I have a feeling that majority here will vote for TES which would be very surprising to me.

Nah, Halo will get the pretty easy win here I’d imagine. On another forum it would hugely go the other direction I feel. Then again, Halo has a rich history too so it’s whatever you played the most of I guess. :man_shrugging: May the best time sink win lol

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Haha. True. We’ll see.

I might also prefer Gears over Halo, but the whole gnasher-wall-bouncing meta ruins the PvP aspect of Gears for me. Gears 2 and 3 tried their best to balance the starting weapons, but then 4 and 5 just leaned way too hard into the meta. Gears 2 had stopping power and the semi-auto hammerburst that actively punished people blindly charging with the gnasher. I played countless hours of Gears 2 PvP (I can still remember the layout of the maps), and that “training” has allowed me to casually dip in and out of newer Gears despite finding the meta super frustrating.

The PvE aspect of Gears is undeniable and puts a lot of TPSers to shame.

Next round 12 hours from now.

At least it got games since a decade :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it fascinating that it will boil down to Halo vs TES. And for the third place Fallout vs Gears.

It is poetic.

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