SHOWDOWN ROUND 3! 8 franchises left, only 4 will remain!


It’s so good to see the The Outer Worlds so close to win against Banjo.

Banjo is just nostalgia talking. We all know it’s a dead IP. :phil_lmao:

I’m joking. Don’t hurt me.

I’m taking poor man’s Fallout over poor man’s Mario 64.

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dont joke like that people will think the sentiment is true

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How tf is Banjo beating Outer Worlds?


By being a better franchise.


Ok that checks out tbh :joy::+1:

People know I make bad jokes… sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings. Thats wasn’t my intent.

I was just joking about the fact that the Banjo IP is dead for Rare and MS as they repeated many times that no Banjo game is in development, even though we got rumors a few years ago.

I have nothing against Banjo, I’m just not into platformers, so it was just some teasing. But maybe it wasn’t expressed in the best way. I’m sorry for that.

Oh i put my statement in partial jest. No feelibgs were hurt

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It’s hard to know sometimes ! :sweat_smile:

Fully understand. Without faces and voice super hard to get context clues lol

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Every day of the week Halo > Fallout :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can this be flagged for hate speech? Asking for a friend.

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SHOWDOWN ROUND 4! 4 franchises left, 2 will remain! - Gaming - XboxEra

ROUND 4 :slight_smile: