Showdown! PlayStation IP battle!

So, this idea comes from @SuikerBrood . Thought it would be neat to do a PS version. There’s even a losers bracket. Enjoy

  • Sackboy/LBP
  • Last of Us

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  • Dreams
  • God Of War

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  • Ghost Of Tsushima
  • Days Gone

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  • Horizon ZD/FW
  • Infamous

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  • Returnal
  • Destiny

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  • Astro Bots/Playroom
  • Ratchet+Clank

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  • Gran Turismo
  • Spiderman

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  • Uncharted
  • Killzone

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Not adding Knack is a crime.


Where’s Crash Bandicoot?! :philwins:


Knack’s ironic trolling potential is huge and unfair, it will win any vote it enters.

Who the hell is voting for Killzone over Uncharted? I even liked Shadow Fall, but this shouldn’t be close.

I didn’t add Knack because I knew it would have won and Crash isn’t added because it’s now owned by Xbox, but it would have definitely won a round or two probably.

Quite a surprise to see Infamous and Horizon battling it out so closely. Would be nice to see another Infamous game, it had a lot of potential.

Another surprise is Returnal - for all the talk it got online, it sure is not getting much love here, but then again, the bracket choosing it to go against a huge series like Destiny was perhaps unfair.

And lastly; Killzone being so close to Uncharted might be controversial. Uncharted is tested as being one of the best series to grace the consoles and gets new entries every so often, and Killzone has been a sleeping giant but has got a bit of a resurgence of fans as of late.

Uncharted is boring :3

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Nick with his alt accounts :phil_lmao:

If you think Uncharted is boring I’d love to know what exactly you find exciting about Killzone.

Its a fps.

Spiderman vs GT :phil_lmao:

Good first round. All the IP’s I voted for are winning except Returnal.

But having The Last of Us, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, Ratchet & Clank, Spider Man, and Uncharted all easily winning makes me happy.

Looking forward to Round 2. I am curious as to why Destiny is listed. I would have included Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper or Twisted Metal. An actual pure Sony/PlayStation IP. Oh well.

Only played a few hours but Returnal is pretty damn good. I just wish it wasn’t a rogue like game. If it was a straight forward game, it would have been so much better for me. Should have went with Jak, Sly or Twisted Metal instead of Destiny which unlike the other three isn’t a pure Sony/PlayStation IP.

As for Returnal not getting a lot of love here, you’re on an Xbox focused forum where as Destiny is on Xbox. lol

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