Sharing Accounts/“Home” Xbox Setting

I have a question, My younger brother purchased the Series S and I got the Series X. We don’t liv in the same house anymore. Now we’re attempting to gameshare, I have Gamepass Ultimate which of course includes Xbox live now.

So in reading what needs to be done, I signed into his account on my Xbox and he signed into my account on his Xbox and we made each others xboxes our “home” console.

He purchased COD Cold War and I was able to find it in my history and download it which is super cool and he has access to all of the games I’ve downloaded as well. But for some strange reason his account isn’t allowing him to play online and when he does on his own account, when I log into my account it prevents me from playing games because it says my account needs to be logged off elsewhere.

What are we doing wrong!? My youngest brother swears by this, he’s done it for the last 4 years on the Xbox One with his old buddy. Has it changed for the Series X|S?

I had this happen to me, I ended up having to redo the process for it to work. It seems like it’s bugged.

Is it working for you now? My brother ended up Just buying a 6 month Xbox gold card.

It does.

My brother and I have done the same thing since 2014 and when we set it up again once we received our Series X he had the same issue where he couldn’t play online, but for us a hard reboot of his console fixed the issue.

That leads me to believe your account is staying logged in on his console, which isn’t what you want. Have him check his settings and verify that your account isn’t set to log in when the console turns on.

As for the live sharing, my girlfriend had that same problem when I set her Xbox to my Home Xbox, but a hard reboot (holding the power button for ~10 buttons, then turning it back on) fixed that.

He already purchased 6 months of Xbox live but we’ll give the hard reboot a try.

Thanks everyone.

Glad to hear this still works, i tried to set this up with my usual sharing buddy and we hit a wall with Microsoft authentication codes not being accepted. It was a bit weird.

I had this too the other day. I wanted to try GTA 5 on XSX, but it asked me if I was the owner of the game,since my brother was the one that bought it. The setting for My home Xbox was all fine but I had to remove and add again. And then I was able to play it. Hopefully this issue won’t happen often, because you only get to change this setting three times.