Shadowrun Trilogy out on Switch Next Year

Looks like another Microsoft IP is joining the switch!

Glad to see Shadowrun continue to get love.

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The real question is why is not on Xbox?

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I would like MS to instruct one of their armies of lawyers to figure out the rights of the entire FASA catalogue and proceed to acquire them in totality.

Whatever it takes to get these IPs properly funded and supported.

(Good article by @Jez - BattleTech / MechAssault would be amazing for a next-gen Xbox revival, but there may be problems


I still think inXile’s game is Shadowrun reboot.

Well from the details we’ve heard, it’s Steampunk which doesn’t make sense for Shadowrun, which is more of a cyberpunk setting.


I think phrana games pointed out mid mw5 development alot of mech art issues got resolved. Hence why alot of mechs in mwo and mw5 started showing up. Catalyst games itself seems to think of the games as free advertising for table top.

So the ip realm is getting way easier.

That would be incredible! InXile’s game is said to be Steampunk but maybe they merge a Steampunk setting with Shadowrun…at least in spirit.


I can see Shadowrun more as a merging of those two styles. I could be wrong, but it would be the ideal IP for them to breathe life into imho. :slight_smile:

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I definitely 100% think Shadowrun should come back. My ideal studio would be Arkane but InXile is hard to deny too. Both of them would make drastically different styles of games but they’d be equally rich and grand in their own ways. I’m just doubtful if Arkane wants to touch other people’s IP anymore and Brian Fargo is definitely doing his dream project right now which I suspect is gonna be an original new IP.

They could still acquire Paradox Interactive and get Harebrained Schemes who has the most recent pedigree for making the isometric games which were received great, studio was founded was Weisman as well. Either staff that studio up heavily like what Playground is doing or have them collaborate with XGS to bring it back in a big way.


Ms licensed the games to Harebrained willingly. Back then they also prohibited them from launching on any console (same for Mechwarrior 5 and Piranha).

The real question is why they didn’t demanded exclusivity, and are even ok with this game not launching on Xbox.

Ill start the conspiracy… ms is trying to woe hb and paradox so they can buy them /s.

(I do still think ms made a mistake letting harebrain schemes go)

I love Shadowrun trilogy.

I considered getting this on switch, however Steamdeck would make that moot.


What is the status of the IPs?

I can still see Battletech and Shadowrun under Microsoft in the trademarks listings.

Microsoft owns both for video games

Wizard owns and licences out battle tech and shadow run for boardgames books art etc.

If i recall correctly

MS owns them for videogames, it’s wild this Shadowrun game is coming on Switch before Xbox imo.