ShackNews: Phil Spencer on Inheriting Xbox One and Launching Xbox Series X

Its a big interview so I’ll just quote this and then you lot can get a drink and read the rest :wink: :

I feel really good and I feel very confident in the hardware. I love the fact that we’ve sent it out to so many preview people, and I’m hearing from them, “I could never go back,” and “The S is really working the way I wanted” and “The X is really working the way he said.” I think that that is all fantastic. The thing I miss the most, honestly, is the launch events with the fans. I remember on the Xbox One X launch event, we went to the Microsoft store in New York city. Celebrities were coming by, a bunch of fans were coming by. I love being part of the community of video games. I’ve always been into that. It’s just kind of who I am.


ShackNews or SnackNews? :wink:

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Such a great interview. Phil sounds like an incredibly humble person and the Xbox brand couldn’t have had a more passionate person to spearhead it.


We see in the games business that when you get a hit—battle royale, PVP, whatever it might be— as an industry, naturally, we’ll see so much of the creative go chase the last thing that was successful because in the end, these games have to make money put food on the table for the people who work in the industry. We wanted to create in Game Pass something where a diversity of creations can find real success without each one having to be a pure retail success. We thought that model could work.

We’d seen it in video where I think you’ve got more spend on video production now than ever before, absent COVID, through platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus and Hulu—everybody’s investing in some really creative things. Things we didn’t see on TV 20 years ago, and I think that’s partially because you have this business model that is more of a fixed, growing business model than a hit-by-hit business model, and we thought that could be successful. It was really around putting players at the center.

I really like this part and I completely agree.

Damn, :grinning:, corrected.

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