Seven games coming to Game Pass' April Wave One


At least April Fools Day is over so now we can begin to take gaming news seriously again :laughing:

Back 4 Blood finally leaving…

Gah, gotta get a cheap digital key for the Xbox so I can continue to play with my progress.

Jump Ship looks awesome.

I nearly bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider recently and I’ll definitely take a look at Harold Halibut too.

So, not a bad selection IMO. Need to finish Dead Island 2 first though.

Definitely playing Harold Halibut.


Lego and PGA Tour for me. Oh and Harold too after seeing the trailer. :slight_smile:

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I own all 3 of those Tomb Raider games but never got more than about halfway through the first. Have been sitting waiting to be played so will have to fix that.

The Back4Blood Ultimate Edition is on sale for $10 until this evening.

Ah dope! Just grabbed it, thanks!

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Is that coming to Gamepass too?

Not confirmed if it is or isn’t, yet. It’s coming to early-access on PC first.

I must concur with @Ironfistchinmi - it does look good. Would welcome getting to play it on Gamepass.

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April fools should just be changed to stay off the internet day,

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No idea, I was meant to post in the id@xbox thread!

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Moneys really tight right now so im not able to buy any games until the summer

Which is great for my gamepass library. But april for me is diablo 4 and then Eiyuden. Dont have any interest in those other games and ive beaten tomb raider

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