Server Upgrade & Maintenance 19th October 2021

The forums are back up…again.

I apologise for the extended downtime. Unfortunately we had an issue where a back up caused a disk to be full, which then resulted in us being unable to perform reboot functions due to lack of space. Following lots of coffee, tears and a fair bit of frustration, we’re back online.


Thank goodness it has been running super poorly for me for a while, it’s unusable on my iPad Pro especially for some reason hopefully this fixes that issue too.


Is the server maintenance on 19th or 20th?

I would recommend doing it today, if you have to.

Just unusable nowadays. The amount of times that the loading screen appears is just through the roof.

From the point of login to just posting this message took 5 loading screens and 5 mins. And I am not sure whether it will allow me to go into any of the pages due to the slow loading. (update - able to go into the other pages, shorter loading screens)


I’m concerned to read that / while I’ve been monitoring, I’ve certainly experienced slow down, but nothing that I’d would classify as unusable.

Appreciate the feedback, and would love to hear how your experience is tomorrow.

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Can you tell on which device you are browsing forum?

Ubuntu Linux/Opera - the first loading took quite some time. Just loading screens.

It seems to be getting progressively better after getting into the first thread.

User agent sttring: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94.0.4606.71 Safari/537.36 OPR/80.0.4170.40

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Thank the heavens (and Underworld)! The site is really struggling, and has been for a while. I get about half the notifications I should, pages are slow to load, sometimes I can’t Discard a reply no matter how many times I cancel it, the wrong post gets quoted etc. Worst is how slow it is though at loading new pages, it’s no Series X that’s for sure :wink:


Thanks for the feedback. Upgrade should bring (back) stable and fast performance.


Appreciate all the hard work!

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More and more people visiting forums, so upgrading because of that is always a good sign!

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Indeed, great to see this grow :slight_smile: .

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Curious - what are you upgrading? server capacity, storage, or adding more servers?

More CPUs and more RAM. Storage is good for now, but Discourse is hungry for CPU power and with RAM is always - more more more.

I think the main issue are OTs with thousands of posts, and sometimes a lot of members are posting in them in the same time, plus annons are browsing threads too, so count of users in them is high. All of this is fine, but bottlenecks are occuring which impact performance of the forum and that sucks.


readers versus writers dashboard should be interesting to watch.

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Wow so far it’s so much better on my iPad, loading is pretty much instant now, thanks and good job!


damn . It feels very smooth now and loading is much quicker .

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Decent bit quicker on my phone. My phone is just old.