Serious Sam 4 is on Game Pass (surprise launch)

This was a nice surprise this morning. I launched the Game Pass app and it showed SS4 available for pre-install. I did a quick Google and came up empty at first, but then found the above article. I haven’t played a Serious Sam since the first one, but I’ll definitely check this one out. The first one was both fun and funny.

Edit: Some more links:


I’ve never played a Serious Sam before, are they meant to be pretty good times?

This One X or even Series enhanced?

Series X|S enhanced, according to its listing:



It’s been about 20 years since I last played a Serious Sam game, but from what I remember it had funny over-the-top weapons and enemies, and was a sort of mindless, fun, shooter extravaganza. Looking forward to trying the new one to see if it sort of matches the vibe I’m recalling.

Sounds like my type of game!

Oh, and I played co-op, which no doubt added to the fun and my fond memories.

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Yeah…this is not great. I wasn’t sure of this was the bad SS game, it sure is. The loading times are brutal, performance is far from great with both modes and VRR enabled.


I remember when it came out for Stadia (and PC?) it didn’t review well. I think people said it was buggy. Popped in here to see if things had changed… :frowning:

Sadly nope. Not even with performance mode, just ridiculous.

And I don’t know, the characters seem extremely cheap made, forgettable. I’ll give it another whirl later, for now I go back to Yooka Kaylee, the second game.

Oh, that’s a bummer. Thanks for letting us know. I suspect I’ll still try it out over Christmas, but now I know to set my expectations accordingly.

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Yeah, saw this last night and was super confused.

Was also confused when it said it was only 800 something megabytes, then after a few seconds updated to like 36 GBs or some nonsense.:joy:

Well then, nice to see current gen getting a much needed industry push. Gamepass even :pray: