Series X Logo is clever

Found by our staff @SuikerBrood… the series X logo actually show a roman numeral 9, for 9th generation of console.

The series is an “I” and obvious X is X. So IX. 9.

Cool find @SuikerBrood


And the only console I’ve ever owned was a Wii!

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That’s actually really clever.


That’s pretty smart.

I don’t like the logo very much but that’s indeed clever.

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I can now not unsee it, thank you for this.

Still not sure if a blessing or a curse.

Hey thats illegal…

Holy… now I see it, how has nobody clocked that yet? Amazing find @SuikerBrood

I like that Xbox now has it’s own branding distinct from the rest of Microsoft. For example the new Game Pass logo uses Helvetica instead of Segoe.

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