Series X CEC doesn't seem to be working for me

This may not be an important feature to most people, but it is for media users. TL;DR at bottom.

So, modern consoles have CEC - PS3, PS4, Switch, PS5. Most TVs after 2005 have CEC. Xbox one never had CEC, they I stead opted for IR alone.

So, when Xbox said Series X/S said they would implement CEC, I thought: 10+ years late, but finally. IR is okay, but by today’s standards very outdated, and you also either need a seperate remote for Xbox, or buy an All-In-One type remote.

With CEC, you can control literally everything - TV, Reciever, All Consoles, etc. With just one controller. Everything just blends in perfectly.

I feel this is quite an issue for those who planned to use Series as a media device. I installed Disney+, Netflix, etc. Cannot launch them without the controller. So I still need to keep a Fire Stick just for this alone.

This isn’t an angry rant, just feedback and disappointment on what they said would be in place.

TL;DR: Xbox CEC can control other devices, ie: turn your TV off/on. It cannot, however be controlled, ie: use the remote to go around dashboard.


That’s a shame, perhaps if enough people report it Ms can fix it though?

Hopefully. I don’t mind using a controller too much, but my wife and kids hate it and are used to using just the TV remote like they did on the PS4. Maybe I should have kept the PS4 just for this. :sweat:

How do you set it up to turn TV and speaker system on/off? I couldn’t find these settings on mine.

I have a the new pdp media remote and it works great. I also have hdmi cec enabled with my soundbar hooked up to the TV with HDMI. So far series X controls my TV and soundbar perfectly

You can use your TV remote on the dashboard to open apps?

Wait, doesn’t it have the setting to be controlled in CEC settings? Will check in a few minutes.

90% sure it does.

Yes. Click settings, then Display, and below that is device control. Here you will see some CEC options, sadly, not full CEC control, just limited choices. Guess I’ll either have to buy a whole new remote, which is rather not do because every device already works with mine, or not use media stuff on Xbox. :sweat:

Um…yes you can control it with a remote. I’ve seen people doing it lol


I edited the title to be a little more reflective of the issue. Since I literally posted a video of it working fine.

Oh damn! That’s awesome. Thanks. So, the CEC doesn’t want to work on just my TV remote. Welp. :sweat:

Any remote recommendations peeps?