Series S unboxing just around the corner

Video was withdrawn, but the boxes are out there!


Whoops! Hope he doesn’t feel too bad, it’s an honest mistake to make. Embargoes and timezones can be complicated!


Next week

I understood some outlets already have it for quite a while (Jeff Grubb had to take it from his shelve on a livestream the other day). Bit different approach than what we saw with the XSX then.

Guess they try to use the Series S to combat the Ps5 news. XSX is already out there. Only XSS is left.

Has there been an official unboxing of the seriesX yet?

Nope. Design team made something special of the unboxing experience, and didnt want it to be spoiled before launch. It has leaked already, i know. But as the whole unboxing is really a thing nowadays, i can see why they do it.

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Embargo ending today!

Windows Central video will be online here:

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Looks like it will be an unboxing of both consoles :smiley: