Sequels that sucked so bad that they turned you off from the series

One game comes in mind for me…Fallout fucking 4…the ultimate case of blue ball for me coming off of Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I do love the authentic 50’s vibe that the game gave early on but good Lord it all goes downhill from there. I think the only fun part of the entire game is being able to operate the power suit.

I quit the game right after finding Nick Valentine and never looked back. Aside the fact that the story has no rhyme, reason, the whole conspiracy with The Institute and watching playthroughs of it later on made me so glad I didn’t waste time finishing this turd.

Visually the graphics are fking disgusting…it looks like someone barfed a rainbow on a post apocalyptic wasteland…it doesn’t help that the character models and animations are horrendous and those facial animations would make Mass Effect Andromeda proud (another Honorable mention btw) in fact I would even say Fallout 4 is even WORSE than ME Andromeda.

Oh and the fact that its not even an RPG and more like a shooter with light RPG elements sprinkled in. It could work, it did for ME 2 and 3 when they went more into the action/shooter spectrum and less RPG-ish compared to ME1, but the shooting, weapons and combat are so ass that it can’t carry the game.

Plus Fallout has that Bethesda trope of having tons of items and most of it useless junk that forces inventory management.

Oh and base building…good Lord talk about a good idea with bad execution.

As someone who adores Fallout 3 and New Vegas it really does suck that it doesn’t look like we’re going to get a new proper Fallout for a while. I hear Fallout 76 is apparently pretty good now so I may give that a shot on GP but I’m not looking for any more time sinks right about now

I almost quit Fire Emblem because of Fates. Dropped fucking $500 on that game getting the special edition and new system.

Conquest was frontloaded, Birthright a joke and Revelation a complete disaster.

That said, Echoes was a big step in the right direction and Three Houses brought the series to new heights.

As for another, MVC Infinite has made me wary of any future MVC games. 3 was great but selling Ultimate after rubbed me the wrong way. 2 is one of the games that defined my childhood. Infinite I played for a couple hours and then sighed and traded it in. No Xmen, return to 2 v 2, bad graphics, poor story, none of the characters “fit the niche” like they promised as a Wolverine main across the series, Cable main in 2 and Deadpool main in 3. Only Dante and Spidey were any fun to play as, and I wasn’t gonna shell out more money to get my other main Venom. Just a crying shame all around.

Also, as an aside, I actually like Fallout 4, but that may be because it was the first Bethesda RPG I had played in 7 years at the time (I was late to the new gen).

Same here, Awakening is one of my favorite games of all time but Fates was so bland in comparison. The only thing I liked about Fates was Azura. I finished Birthright and didn’t even bother with Conquest smh

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Dino crisis 3 sucked so hard, I genuinely think it is the game that made my dad lose interest in gaming. XD

That being said, since he stopped gaming back then, he did actually playthrough resident evil 0/1/4 HD on xbox one when he wasn’t well and had time off work. (but these were games he had already played and loved back in the day)


Not a sequel, but Mass Effect Andromeda left me with a sour taste. I couldn’t even finish it. Bioware has a lot to prove for the next Mass Effect, and Dragon Age game.


Mass Effect 3: That ending. Ninja Gaiden 3: This was Yosuke Hayashi’s time to shine, and boy did he butcher this game. I do not know whether there is a desire to go back to this series from Tecmo. FIFA 13: I still play FIFA from time to time, but this was where the series started on a downward trajectory with so many non essential gameplay changes that have made the series an unbalanced nightmare from then on. Tekken 6: Combo extenders in tekken skewed this title towards launchers. Throw breaks also became insanely easy thus taking that out as a viable attack strategy against people heavily blocking high attacks. Everything that was bad in this game got worse in Tekken 7. Still play the series from time to time, but no longer the system seller it was for me. Gran Turismo 5: Premium cars/tracks, standard cars/tracks and the same poor A.I. This was one of the games that we had to get a PlayStation console for, but with a huge career mode that still stuck to the hard license tests and easy races…

This, I even dropped technomancer (what I was actually enjoying, due to my excitement for andromeda) but it was just lifeless and uninteresting, the world’s felt like some sort of empty random generated world rather than hand crafted.

I wish I never dropped technomancer back then tbh. (I had literally just got to act 2)

Perhaps it’s cheating a bit as the recent games have essentially kept only the name of the franchise and not much of the gameplay, but I’ll echo Fallout. I don’t consider myself a hardcore fan of the series, but I had my share of fun with the originals, and I even enjoyed that PS2 action-RPG. But the jank of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the soulless gameplay of Fallout 4… I just have no interest in the franchise anymore. I have Fallout 76 installed thanks to Game Pass but I may not even boot it. If they announce a Fallout 5 tomorrow and it looks and feels anything like the last ones, I doubt I’ll even bother watching lengthy gameplay segments.