Senua's Saga, Immortals of Aveum & more lead huge Game Pass drop


Wow an amazing Half month for gamepass. Insane value

Damn. Stacked.

:flushed:i need more time

Already own Immortals of Aveum and Moving Out 2, but definitely recommend them to everyone.

Immortals is way longer than I expected, but its magic system feels as fluid to use as the shooting in games like Halo and Destiny, and despite some crazy difficulty spikes (I’m on easy and have hit a fight I can’t get past about two-thirds in, so having to re-visit past areas to power up a bit - but it’s likely that I’m pretty rubbish at combat) it’s actually a cool world with some great voice actors.

The secrets in it are really good too, some are refraction puzzles with light, but early on it’s often trying to figure out how to shoot a target to open a box then slow the box lid down with limpets so you can get to the box itself in time - yet they’re weirdly fun and give a feeling of satisfaction when you solve one.

Moving Out 2 is more of the same as the first game, funny and silly particularly if you play co-op (think it supports local and online) - the humour is still there, and it’s great fun.

I’m particularly looking forward to Galacticare as I love Theme Hospital and Two Point Hospital (the latter I filled my hospital so much it chugs even on my Series X) - I’ll probably give Humanity a go too, and maybe try Hellblade 2.

Didn’t spot Chants and Rolling Hills (the sushi game) - will definitely be trying them out too

Nothing of value for me is leaving and quite a few dope things entering!

Bought Chants of Stenaar few weeks ago and now it’s on Game Pass. :skull:

Overall a great wave.

Honestly am questioning if i should but any Jrpg in the next two months cause i have this feeling that June is going to have a lot of them.

Hadn’t spotted that in the line up till you mentioned it - I was looking at buying it but started playing Botany Manor and put if off.

Now will be giving it a go :slight_smile:

I would buy the Neptunia Games to support the developer.


Forgot about that, i apologies. Its cause there so much lauching the the next month that is hard to know what comes to game pass or not you know?

That’s true. I would always wait for deep sale if you have a backlog. I could see mainline Final Fantasy games returning to Game Pass. Maybe even Tales of Symphonia. But new release ? Hard to tell.

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Yes on Final Fantasy, it could generate interest to the series again or we could see more Mana games ported to Xbox and become day one titles, alongside Octopath Traveller 2, which am certain is going to show on the Showcase.


I was going to check out Hellblade and Humanity, but I’m pleased to see Lords of the Fallen added.

It just keeps on giving. I dropped Lords of the Fallen because of enemy density, but they supposedly fixed it now, so it should be a fun time

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Excellent month with Hellblade 2.

I’ll check out some of the smaller games maybe. Lords of the Fallen is not my thing and Immortals of Aveum I bought cheap af last year.

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Looking forward to Hellblade and Humanity.

If you are a fan of games like Return of the Obra Dinn you should try out Chants of Sennaar.

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Did a one sitting of Brothers this morning as I had to stay home since my daughter is sick so I had all the time in the world + easy 1000 achievement points!

Really wanna try Immortals of Aveum and can’t wait for Hellblade 2. The kids love those Moving Out games so probably some of that as well and I’ll definitely at least try the other ones; hopefully I’ll have the time as there is just too much to play right now!


Brothers is one of my favorite games of all time, as a younger brother it hit me like a ton of bricks