Sega Saturn Emulator Options?

I was wondering what options there are for Sega Saturn emulators? I want to play loaded, reloaded, and most Sega arcade games like Rally, Datona, VF etc.

I’m a newbie with emulators. Is there one for Android? Can you buy a mini console that has them all on it? Can you do emulation on your series x?

Thanks guys.

There’s a couple of them out there but you need serious hardware to get the games running well.

My Pi4 struggles big time with Saturn games. I’ve kept my hardware and games around anyway, but I Was hoping the Pi4 would be strong enough to run the games well enough to never need to set up my Saturn again.

Not sure myself if Retroarch on Xbox has a Saturn core.

Nice do we know which systems retroarch supports im fuzzy on how it works

How do I go about putting the emulator on series x?

It should be fine. No one is telling anyone how to pirate or get roms. I have it and I don’t even use it lol

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Yeah, the system was complicated. Not just by the amount of IC’s involved, but it had some really funky functions :P. Which was great for graphics (I mean try doing the 3D levels of Sonic Mania on a Playstation with the same fidelity or the Panzer Dragoon Zwei levels. That’s some serious fillrate and 2D effects used to compliment the 3D scenery), but if you wish to emulate it all it requires a beefy machine.

Not just because of all the functionality that you need to support, but also all the optimization that needs to happen. This is on top of architectural complexity.

So be prepared for some rendering errors. Seems like the Series S or a PC with a good CPU would be able to get you what you wish.

Example of what I mean:

Much of that floor is a 2D plane, with holes filled in with Polygonal structures like bridges, water, etc. Thus allowing for very sharp textures for a game of it’s time (and saving on polygonal load).

Hi to everyone I have a one really simple question. Is there any Sega Saturn Emulators for playing the same type of games on Xbox One? I run on a few emulators like Yabause, Mednafen, and SSf but there is no explanation would it run on Xbox One.

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Go to this link in Edge (on the xbox). Whitelist is no longer necessary. Gamr13’s Repo

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