Sega Sammy is splitting its gaming business into two separate entities, shake up on the corporate board

Thank you.

if it happens it happens but please just relax. So much noise this week that we already had Playtonic deny again for a second time any kind of acquisition and that studio from Barcelona too.

Bah, nothing fun ever happens.

Maybe this meeting back in 2018 started something:

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Yep! It’s a done deal! Hang up the banners and break out the Bubbly, everyone!

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If you’re actually asking, no I’m not serious. The possibility of Microsoft buying Sega is probably like 30%. But I find this “I’m going to tell you all what you can discuss and I say quit having fun on message boards because the rest of the internet won’t like it” post made about 6 times in an hour to be super off-putting. Maybe chill on that stuff a bit, eh?


I get exactly where you’re coming from I do.

However, I think for the long term health of the community it’s best to be a little reserved on things.

I never really thought that you though MS was going after Sega. I was having fun shitposting memes are you were having shitposting your stuff.

However, I do worry (but not really worry) about the longterm health of XboxERA because let’s be honest:

This place is barren AF. We’re getting better, but its’ super small and niche. I want this community to grow and be just as active as places like OtherERA. We were can have long nice drawn out converstations with multitude of people, instead of like the same five or six people.

But I totally get where you are coming from. You want to have fun. I want to have fun too.

I just don’t want the fun to be around the same dozen of so people because nobody else joins becuase everybody thinks we’re weirdos.

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Honestly, I never thought of and still don’t think of this place as barren at all. I check it every couple hours and there’s always new posts. I’m ok with a “smaller” community though. I think expanding it lets in too much riff-raff (like OtherEra). But it’s not my site. :man_shrugging:

I get where you’re coming from, but it’s a personal preference kind of thing.

At least this place isn’t OtherERA. My lord between the Acquistion rumor yesterday, and today’s Sega news, you can see people meltdown in real time. People were calling us “corporate bootlickers”

Man, that place is SOMETHING I tell you what.


Hate to break it to you but this type of restructuring is rarely done for reasons other than making acquisition accounting/messaging easier. I get the idea of not wanting to be crazy like resetera but this is also a huge indication of what’s going to happen to Sega’s non-pachinko arm.


That Gamemastu guy says other wise.

So does my dad he works at Nintendo, in all honesty all these online insiders won’t know shit on who is being bought. Yes they might know something is happening but not who. I highly doubt Phil is telling people what he’s planning on doing. What I think all these insiders get their info is if let’s say there’s a meeting and a worker happen to notice something then tweet at these insiders.

I won’t put in any faith into what people say because they’re just educated guesses most likely based on shaky info. It’s not hard to say omg I heard there’s something big happening then just wait for the next big thing then post see :smirk:.

Like the leaks of the Series X and S console price, that wasn’t an insider knowledge thing. I know exactly where it came from and I’m not an insider.

Lol I remember people trying to figure out the Series X being $600 because of the Chips Ahoy contest and trying to math it.

Yeah that was funny, the price was from a MS owned website which is hilarious. It was basically a media Xbox series X and S source website for all the info on the consoles, launch and even ea play coming to game pass.

Thinking about it now, that’s probably how it leaked with the EA thing. Marketing team knew about it and someone probably messaged/talked about it and spread.

Cha ching, time for MS to close the deal on Sega

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I would much rather see Microsoft acquire Capcom or Square Enix before Sega for the simple reason that those two publishers have far more IP’s that im interested in playing. Sega not so much.