Sega IP's sales data: Billion copies sold?

Sonic IP sold/F2P downloads of 1.5 Billion

Yes, with a B right there

Bring them home already MS


Considering the absolute number of Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump games - and the tie ins that are built on them, that’s not surprising.

For example, from the Google Play store ONLY:

Sonic Classic has 50 million +

Sonic 2 Classic has 10 million +

Sonic Dash 2 has 100 million +

Sonic Forces has 50 million +

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Very impressed with Total War. A PC game franchise except for two mobile ports.

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Soon to be on console as well

The latest entry is highly sort after

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Hatsune Miku sold more than Persona. The latest one is on Switch/PS/PC… Bring it over Xbox and Sega.