Sega feedback survey on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis available until 11/9/21. Tell them this game needs more content!

it will prompt you to log in to your Xbox live account and then you can take the survey. I stopped playing this game even though the actual gameplay, movement and open world is actually amazing. The problem is there is just not much to do. I Will come back for the completion of episode 1 in about 5-6 weeks. Sega really needs to add more content with this next major update or this could end up killing the game. I’m confident Sega will listen to the fans and improve the game.

Here’s what I wrote for the last part of the survey(1200 characters) where Sega asks for thoughts on the game and how it can be improved. please feel free to copy and paste.

Needs more content. I have 2 requests:

  1. Increase the frequency, variety, progression and difficulty of the open world encounters. You can do this by designating specific blocks as the higher difficulty blocks where multiple players are recommended to gather to fight enemies. Every 2-3 weeks you could introduce a new enemy spawn encounter in the open field and use this as a template for every major 6 month update. for example: 2 vets of the same type. 2 vets mix and match. 2 vets and a horde of weaker enemies. 3 vets. Giga and horde. Giga and a vet. 2 Gigas. 2)My second request. Make more use of the environment to increase strategy. Have exploding barrels and stalagmites you can shoot down so they drop on the enemy, electrocute enemies in water. Add turrets in specific locations


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I played a ton on the Japanese server a few years ago, I was surprised how fast I dropped NGS. There just isn’t alot to do.

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Done. I agree with you, the gameplay is great, but the game needs some more content to do.

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Yeah for sure. I understand Covid was happening and they had to meet deadlines but I wish they delayed it a few months so we could have got a steady flow of content.

Sega has a big opportunity with the next update in December and they just cant mess it up. this games potential is through the roof.

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