Sega are cutting 240 jobs in Europe, Relic Entertainment goes independent


Such a shame! I know @Sikamikanico was really looking forward to streaming Alien Isolation 2!


Man Alien Isolation was a near masterpiece. I hope we get a sequel one day

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Huge disappointment. This is a big loss for SEGA. I hate what’s happening in the industry right now.

Yea the industry is in shambles, I’m glad Xbox is trying to shake things up and try new things instead of digging in their heels on the old business model

Thats what SEGA is doing. Shaking things up and laying off staff just like MS.

Also, the gaming industry isn’t in a shambles this is just a correction that many industries are all going through sadly. There are mass layoffs across many sectors.

This is also in part the COVID dividend sadly

CoH3 flopped, so I’m not surprised. Wonder if there is a future where MS keeps partnering with Relic for their strategy IP.