Second Extinction [OT] Jurassic Pass

I got the shock of my life just now. I was playing as Rosy, so maybe its up to max for Mini Gun, but there is no option to reduce, just to turn off.

I’m looking forward to a proper try later.

Save batteries? I mean…they last like 20+ hours. I wouldn’t disable rumble for that. :wink:

How does it look, and is it a smooth 60fps?

The thing I like the most about Xbox controllers is their longevity potencial. Batteries are dying? Just swap them out, and you have a controller with a battery life as good as new! With this in mind, I want my batteries to last the longest possible without having to buy new ones, and I honestly discovered that turning off the rumble didn’t impact my enjoyment of the games in the least, so I just said, why not, and have it disabled it for 2 months now :slight_smile:

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Played it for an hour. (Co-Op)

Even for a preview they should have waited an extra few months.

There are some annoying glitches or dead bodies being 4 foot above the ground, and one of the most annoying glitches I found was whenever you die and you choose a respawn area the game crashes to dashboard and quits.

Couldnt really tell, I am on my XboneX on my terribad TV in my home office while I was waiting for a Database server to be setup on my mini test “hospital”. So I had 15 minutes to have a cuppa and try the tutorial. Seemed pretty smooth though.

Okay, thanks for the info. They made the decision or me. lol.

Maybe you could try the Expedition Mode like the article says, won’t lose anything with Game Pass and the game is only 9GB, took me a minute to download, lol.

My GPU ends tomorrow so I’ll just wait until the game is finalized instead of being a preview and see how it is when that time comes. Also, im nearing the end of Outriders and trying to complete it without lowering the World Tier level.

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FPS is good, there’s an FOV slider, aiming is snappy, only issue is the aim acceleration.

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I checked out the tutorial and a little bit of expedition during my lunch break, and wow this game exceeded my expectations! It looks and plays so great on my Series X, and man it is fun to be mowing through some dinosaurs. I highly recommend checking this one out.

Crossposting my initial impressions on it:

Played Second Extinction for a while. Cool game and gameplay, but it’s a co-op game through and through, it’s near impossible to play it solo… Unless you go to Expeditions and choose the minimum threat areas, and even there it’s hard af without support. Guess I’ll wait and see if my friends want to play it sometime.

Also let me add that the aim acceleration SUCKS. It’s freaking hard to aim in this game

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Games that request you to create an account upon start

Too many crashes :frowning:

I spent an hour doing an expedition. Racked up A LOT of points. Did the extraction thing. The game crashed. :frowning:

Did the exact same thing for me. However, it kept my progress in terms of level and materials, so all good!

I now know what you mean. I played as Rosy too, the minigun is a beast, but sooo hungry for ammo. It’s really important to coordinate between players to have ammo and equipment supplies. I went with a team from match-making and we were all carrying ammo supplies, so I went the entire level without grenades.

Honestly very surprised by this game, I want to try it with my group of friends really bad.

Good tip: save those grenades for the Flatback.

I tried it solo, yeah it’s not for solo. Guns feel good, punchy and yeah the rumble is kinda crazy when firing weapons. I can actually clearly hear the rumble from my Elite V2.

Visually it’s nothing special though. The character that you see before starting a match/campaign looks somewhat blurry, nowhere near as crisp as many games. This is 4K? Also the gamma slider is no use at all. It tells me to set it so I barely see the icon, but I can put it all the way to the left and still easily see the icon.

Man this game looks like ass on my one x and q9fn tv. It s a shame because i kinda like the game… Will they patch this or am i fucked with my one x?

I have no idea, but since it’s early access, I’m sure they’ll work on improvements. However, I’m kind of expecting current-gen to be the focus.

This game is much more fun in the Insane difficulty, highly recommend it.

Tried the game for a bit yesterday and I cannot seeing myself playing this longer than a day or two.

The world seems a bit bland and objectives are very standard affair.