"Some secrets should remain untouched."

Inspired by Halo 2's Forerunner labs, SECLUSION is a symmetrical 4v4 competitive Forge map that emerges as a collaboration between the veteran Forgers del Apocalipsis, the head of the Croissant community and the LATAM Forgerunner. The map was designed to focus on intense CTF games and to bring unique plays and verticality due to the wall-less design of the map.

Based on Frenchys' H4 original design named Wanderluster, he already had a solid blockout for the map which I helped him tweak for Infinite's movement. With the interesting geometry we got from there, we agreed that the map should be Forerunner but unique in style. With the art direction already set, I lead the Mexican team to conceive a nostalgic yet modern feeling of the Forerunner architecture of the Arbiter's level in a cohesive and immersive way while keeping the main gameplay concept from the design.



@Frenchyssss - Level Design (Original design) 🇨🇦🥐
@ArturBloodshot - LD Support, Art Lead & Lighting 🇲🇽
@ricardootino - Environment Art 🇲🇽
@starkey213036 - Environment Art & Scripting 🇲🇽
@zama_dan - Environment Art & Scripting 🇲🇽