Sea of Thieves: The Legends of Monkey Island is a three-part addition which can be enjoyed solo without other people

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Want to play Sea of Thieves, but don’t want to bother with other people? Then Rare has good news for you. The new Sea of Thieves addition: The Legends of Monkey Island can be fully enjoyed solo.

In an interview with Xbox Wire, Rare has revealed this: ”The Legend of Monkey Island will be released in monthly instalments, starting July 20, telling a brand-new tale featuring characters (and voice actors) from the Monkey Island series. Your adventures will have you meet Guybrush Threepwood, his beloved Elaine, the dreaded ghost captain LeChuck, Murray the Demonic Talking Skull and more iconic characters. You’ll get to visit freely explorable versions of both Mêlée Island and Monkey Island, solving puzzles in a point-and-click style adapted for Sea of Thieves first-person view – and it’ll all take place in the Sea of the Damned, so you’ll have no interruptions from other players as you relive the iconic series in a brand-new way.”

This means no interruptions from other players while you enjoy this new tale in the Sea of Thieves world.


Great addition. Where do you go after Monkey Island and Jack Sparrow?

  • Peter Pan/Hook?
  • Cutthroat Island?
  • Treasure Island?
  • Captain Ron?

Go back to the source material. How about “On Stranger Tides”, the novel which had a big influence on Monkey Island and the Disney ride.

One Piece is pretty popular pirate IP, right?

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Yeah. This also came up when the Jack Sparrow expansion was announced. I think the problem with One Piece is that Bandai seemingly has the exclusive rights to make One Piece video games.

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Does sot still so that shit where people can steap your treasure making the progression meaningless? Or can i play a stress free asventure game. I might get back into this

You can play the Monkey Island content stress free. The rest of the game is still the same shared world multiplayer game. Though the Pirates of the Caribbean stuff is mostly free from shared world shenanigans.

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Nice! I haven’t kept up on this game at all. The multiplayer nature just never appealed to me. Maybe this is a good time to check it out since this content won’t allow other players to screw around with me.


When will the second part be released?

31th of August it is.

So as someone who really hasn’t spent much time with Sea of Thieves due to its multiplayer only-ness - is the first part of this still available after the second part comes out? I’d be more interested in checking it out kinda all at once if that were an option but I don’t know how they do things.

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Yes, it’ll still be available.