'Sea of Thieves' "Season 11" Begins January 23

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Developer Rare took to Twitter to announce that their long-running pirate multiplayer title ‘Sea of Thieves’ will be getting its 11th season on the 23rd of January. No details yet besides the key art for Season 11 have been announced yet, but that’ll come in a matter of days. This article will be updated when more information is released.

An underwater scene shows a map propped up at the front of a ship. Words across the map read “Sea of Thieves Season 11”. Around the map are a number of items including a doll of a gold-cursed skeleton, a toy-like version of an opulent building, a white-and-gold chest and an ornate cutlass stabbed into the deck.

The very useful ALT text for the Season 11 Key Art

Remember that any Gilded or unique Voyages will be lost when this new season launches, so clear them before the 23rd.

Sea of Thieves Season 11 begins on January 23rd. pic.twitter.com/WOiUA6jHwT

— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) January 11, 2024

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