Sea of Thieves hits 20mil Players


This is really incredible. Who would’ve expected this 3 years ago. The first game to launch day and date on Game Pass.


I sell SoT replica/prop stuff on my Etsy shop and I can tell ya that even old stuff that ain’t all that fancy anymore (like Stronghold Fort skulls) are still selling at a super consistent clip, which makes me think there is a constant and consistent clip of new players setting sail. They hit 15mil 8 months ago so seems to still be getting lots of new players each month!


Really impressive numbers that will probably keep growing as they now have a battle/plunder pass that keep people engaged. I think that’s really the key ingredient the game was lacking. It is probably a game that will just keep getting better and better à la Minecraft, Fortnite or MMOs.


Xbox has a relatively healthy online community and games


I wish it was easier to play solo. I don’t have any friends who are interested in playing it.

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Yeah I need to find a new crew at some point too.


It’s great to see this. Remember how it was mocked? Hah, funny.

I still play it, it’s better than ever.

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For good reason. Game was boring and lackluster as hell at launch. It’s great to see it was supported and worked on. I still have 0 interest in playing it. Not my jam.

Thats pretty much why I never played it after launch. The single player content was lackluster. I’m not a multiplayer guy.

Even at launch I had my fun with it tbh. Just never start Sea of Thieves as a solo player. It’s fine playing solo when you’re experienced and know what to do, but it’s a slow, boring and tedious game on your own imo.

With a group of friends? I’ts amazing

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Solo is really the only way I play it. I just grab a sloop and bop around enjoying the sights. It’s really relaxing after a long day.

I mostly play with other people BUT putting on a podcast and go fishing for Hunter’s Call rep, do some sightseeing commendations or something else where the PvP doesn’t matter is a great way to solo.

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Playing with my sister a state away helped make lockdown bearable for me.


This must be Rare’s biggest game at this point right?



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