Sea of Thieves fans organized #SoTFest to celebrate the game and its community with over 300 people attending

The livestream just ended, so sorry for posting this so late!

But, a bunch of members from the Sea of Thieves community organized a meetup for the games’ community. Over 300 people attended the event. Many of the developers also visited the event.


Wow, that’s so cool ! And Joe Neate was there ! I think they should grow from there and make it bigger next year. Great community !


Ha, I know most of those ppl! Noticed some nice props in the background too. :wink:

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Where was it?

Not sure if this helps much but: “The Meeting Centre is located in Hinckley town centre off the B4666 Coventry Road, adjacent to the Lidl store.”

^^from their FAQ

Also this:

Sea of Thieves Fest 2022 Tickets (