Sea of Thieves (beta) tested on PS5 and is once again an improvement over the Series X version

This is getting ridiculous.

Fair enough if you think it doesn’t matter, and I know there will be some who will want to say that, but if you’ve backed Xbox for nearly 20 years, as I have, Xbox not even forcing parity between the two versions of a game - let alone offering nothing to loyal fans - feels pretty tone deaf, once again.

For those of you who think this won’t affect brand perception here’s some of the stuff floating around on forums and social media now try searching sea of thieves on Twitter you’ll find that people are saying the best place to play xbox games is PlayStation. I cannot believe that this is good news.

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In the first image I see the shadows are slightly better on PS5, but I can’t see any difference in the other three…


Wonder if there is some underlying things with shadows handled differently in UE on Xbox and PS.

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I was just trying to spot the difference in the last three images too. I think the foliage is maybe slightly more detailed in the last image on PS5.


We really doing this like there’s barely a difference and I’m saying this is a person from the outside looking in, there’s no real difference at all but it really weirds me out. You want to use Twitter as an example. Again, that’s a freaking bubble

I played spot the difference, think I found it in the first 3 but can’t see the fourth for the life of me, apart from top middle Xbox has better foliage…

good r8ge b8 m8, I think I’ll give you 8 (days off)