Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life revealed - releasing June 22nd

Looks amazing, the sunken kingdom in particular seems so cool. I hope all this content is important outside of the pirates life campaign as well

Was all of that part of the insider content, or was that a complete surprise ?

Not sure what I’m allowed to say, but a lot of stuff in this content update is a surprise. But not everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A Pirate’s Life has been built around Solo?

That’s what I like to hear.

It’s not built around solo, but it has made it much more pleasant. And the shared world aspect is removed when you’re in the two campaign worlds. So you won’t be disturbed by other players when doing the campaign.

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I’ve always enjoyed Sea of Thieves, but never had a regular crew to sail with on a regular basis. When I returned with some friends from Xbox Era, I kinda have been burnt out on online games and have been doing a lot of story focused games… but this looks like the PERFECT blend of both for me and I am beyond excited to play this.

Hearing it’s 8-12 hours has me even more excited.

Also being a GIGANTIC Disney World and Disney fan, hearing the music, hearing the voice overs from the ride itself and the throwbacks to the ride are hitting the nostalgic cords hard.


Still dont believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow this expansion has 8-12 hours worth of stuff? I think I have my wife convinced to give it a try as she loves pirates of the Caribbean. She’s afraid of getting sick on the boat though :joy:

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I believe many people still aren’t aware how big and awesome this will be. Almost like a re-launch of the game. :slight_smile:


Dont believe you…

(downloading again on series X)

So what is different about tjis game now? Is it worth playing as someone who has 0 interest in multiplayer? I initially got SoT at launch and the whole other people invading your ship thing got annoying. I didn’t understand the purpose of the game.

Maybe it’s the one piece fan in me that’s wanting a completely different game. I couldn’t never get into it and tbf at launch this game was Bare bones. Obviously it’s better now but is it more fun to play.

You start off in a shared world. But the Pirates of the Caribbean content (as far as we know) is in private/instanced worlds. Still, co-op is the way to go with this game in my opinion.

And the purpose of the game is to have fun. Though they’ve now added a story too. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like part of the 2nd tall tale sends everyone to the same island at some point, which is being griefed horribly by shitheads.

Yeah, lol.

I really don’t understand how Rare didn’t think of this.

It’s horribly broken. Very disappointed.

They said they are working on a hotfix.

They didn’t expect server load so everyone should be in their own instance and it never showed up in testing.

They probably underestimated the appeal of a proper Pirates of the Caribbean story in the game.


And this is why other things are tested with insiders…