Sea of Thieves: 17GB on XSS vs 46GB on XSX - Update

Update! Original source:


Wow, that’s super impressive! A case of smaller filesize for textures I guess. Is this an official account? I wasn’t familiar with it but I hardly ever go on Twitter.

I’m guessing that when MS says file sizes can be smaller on Series S they are right, but I wonder if 3rd parties will really put in the effort.

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This is great for the smaller SSD of the Series S

This isn’t official account!

I will update the post with official source. If I couldn’t find anything, i will lock the post after 24 hours.

Sorry if it looked like I was calling you out! My social media game is very weak because I’m a dinosaur, I genuinely didn’t know so thank you for telling me.

I didn’t felt that in first place! No worries.

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this will be great for loading times on Series S

Original source :

Quite a save in space!

And to think that initially, some thought that Smart Delivery was just marketing PS speak.

It was to be expected, but it’s nice to see it actually is confirmed it will happen. Truly hope more devs will follow suit.