Scarlett Nexus Opening/environment/gameplay trailers

Opening animation

Environment Trailer

Yuito Gameplay

Kasune Gameplay

Scarlet Nexus launches June 25th, any one else looking forward to this release?


I’m pretty excited for it. Demo coming in 9 days:


Awesome, look forward to trying it out! I’m feeling pretty positive about Scarlet Nexus.

Demo a month in advance, an anime series to go alongside the game, I can imagine Namco Bandai must feel positive about the game too.

Also the gameplay previews today look pretty good, 2 unique characters, with apparently very different campaigns (according to one preview)

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can’t wait. June is gonna be stacked for me.

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This year in general is already stacked for me and e3 hasn’t even happened yet!

Very interested in playing this demo. I wanna like this game, but for some reason when I see it, the gameplay videos are throwing me off. Hoping the demo is a pleasant surprise and I’ll scoop it up.

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I’m hoping it’s a decent action game with a lot of content and has some repalyabiljty to it.

I’m not expecting AAA. Code vein was a major dissappitnment. Hopefully this turns out good.

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