Satya Nadella: MS is very focused on gaming

You’ve seen us double our content portfolio with ZeniMax acquisition, you see us make advances in our community efforts and our subscription offers with Game Pass. And that’s what you can expect from us.

“We are absolutely very, very much focused on gaming, and ensuring that all the three billion gamers around the world get the best content, best community and the best cloud services to power their gaming experiences going forward.



I want more more more

Been saying since late 2017…listen to Satya. Doing so will make you the best insider. When he reorganized in late 2017 and gaming moved up the corporate ladder, based on everything he’s said in the past about his philosophies with any product, you knew they were going all in. When Microsoft announced 1st party would hit Game Pass day and date in early 2018, as someone who’s mentor was Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, you could predict the strategy and knew they had a long roadmap planned out. When they kept talking about content, you knew they were going to buy lots of studios and expand 1st party. Bottom line is it’s a good time to get to know the Xbox ecosystem if you haven’t already. Going to be hard to avoid in a few years.


I thought the acquisition isn’t finished yet. That quote sounds strange.

He talks about it like they already own them, you’re right. But it isn’t final yet. But I am guessing they know the chances of this deal being rejected by FEC is incredibly small, near unlikely.

But his vision is also pretty clear.

The regulatory process is a mere formality really, as the acquisition is not going to impede competition etc.


Yeah, makes sense. I mean if Activision Blizzard can exist…this should too. Soon Fallout and The elder Scrolls are Xbox franchises. Crazy.

One has to assume that if the legal team of Microsoft vets something…it’s safe and clean. I really don’t see how a trillion dollar company could allow such a public blunder like an acquisition of this size failing.

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The Bethesda deal will probably be done in the next month or two. Hopefully by then Microsoft will be more open about their plans.


Definitely. Excited for these debates to be over. :smile:

Good that they are taking it more seriously than ever its unreal i can’t believe that Microsoft will own halo, doom, wolfenstein, starfield, fallout etc

Wow phil really sold satya the farm hope it pays off for them. As a new dad with a mortgage now gamepass has been a real blessing for me


Soon as Phil got a seat at the big shot table within MS I knew they were going to actually start treating Xbox right and it was about time. I feel like Bethesda was just the start, I would not be shocked if in 10 years time Xbox has like 40 studios or more.

The future of Xbox is very bright now they actually have the backing of MS and trust from the higher ups. I feel like Phil got them on board with cloud gaming honestly. I think Phil showed them a future of having a Netflix type service but for gaming which no one is really doing properly and they could be the first big company to push this hard.

MS missed out on so many good products and services because they joined too late and it just never got going. Xbox is pretty much their best consumer product they have that’s lasted a long time so they could leverage the Xbox name and push into cloud more. We all know MS LOVES cloud so if you can show gaming could go into the cloud space in a massive way they were always going to back that.

I think without cloud gaming Xbox might not have got this huge push imo, I think it’s why they keep going on about reaching 3B gamers. xCloud is going to help their Azure service and not only just xCloud they can start to do more gaming focused things with the cloud that could also spread to the entire gaming sector.

Stuff like PUBG and other big games (can’t think of them now) have moved over to Azure, so not only is xCloud going to help Azure but the push into gaming with Azure is going to get a lot of 3rd parties jumping on board. We’re probably going to see Azure slowly become the default gaming server host and in future, we might even see cloud compute for games like we were supposed to get with Crackdown.

With all this said I think this is why we’re seeing massive investment into Xbox now and them pushing Game Pass really hard right now, they hope to get people hooked on Game Pass even though as of right now it’s most likely not profitable but with all the stuff I said above I don’t think that really matters right now.

When you step back and actually have a good look at what’s going on you can start to see how it’s moving and it’s really exciting to me. We’re going to be spoiled so much with games to the point people moan Xbox has too many games.

I know many people are shortsighted a bit and think because the last 5 years Xbox has been bad with games and all that but cmon just look at the past 2 years worth of investment. It doesn’t take a very smart person to see that there has already been a colossal shift already without seeing any games. Games take an incredible time to make and MS only got their shit together around Xbox in 2017.

I think 21’ / 22’ is when we’ll start to see the full effects of the shift in Xbox and I’m sure as shit ok with waiting till then, been waiting for a long time whats a little longer. I do get not everyone is like that and they need proof or evidence (which Zenimax should be enough tbh) but I do get it.

If you got to this point, wow Hi! :smiley: and thanks for coming to my TED talk.


Wonderfully put, my friend. My hope last year was that whenever the Surface Duo released, it would be the default portable Xbox thanks to xcloud. I was sorely disappointed with it’s reviews and feature sets. I was legitimately was considering getting it as my next phone. God, I miss windows phone so much! I even use the MS launcher on my Samsung. So just echoing what you said; it’s not all there but it’s getting there. I just hope that this time around, MS, and by extension Xbox, take all the shortcomings as learnings and not act snobbish about it


Don’t remind me of windows Phone


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The way Satya is talking about it all seems to me it will all be Xbox franchises from here on out, after Ghostwire and Deathloop. Starfield might actually be a game for next year and the year isn’t looking extremely promising yet whereas the competition has a good amount of big stuff. They are not gonna “give away” their big gun next year. And it’s all about Game Pass for them, making it grow, next year TVs will get the GP app and this way GP will grow from a already fantastic service into a paramount service for MS overall.

In earlier interviews they said talks about whether games will be exclusive haven’t occurred yet, but I doubt it. I can absolutely see them talking clear language as soon as the deal is 100% finalized. Certainly hope so. Time for Xbox to show they mean business.

Yup, MS missed mobile phone train, the streaming train, twitch game streaming train, music streaming train pretty much the big new services or products in the last 20 year’s they’ve missed. This is MS seeing all their failures of joining in too late or too early (XB1 always online digital stuff) and knowing they are in the best position for what’s up coming in gaming.

If MS didn’t do this it would be another missed train, which is why I can see why Satya is so keen on gaming now. I think Phil showed him and the board that gaming isn’t some side thing MS is involved in and it’s not some kids toy. Need to remember there are still people out there that think gaming is a kids hobby and I’d sure as shit expect most of the investors and people in the higher up positions probably think that too.

Phil has managed to show them the potential profits of gaming (which is most likely bigger than movies/tv now) and we all know investors and upper management see $$$ and once they see that they’re happy.

I 100% think that gaming could become the main entertainment offering people use in the next 10-20 years with streaming from xCloud on literally every single device that has an internet connection. Right now gaming is a thing you need to look for or buy dedicated things to enjoy it, but that’s going to change with xCloud. The app will be everywhere so all you need is an internet enabled device and you can be a gamer.

That is going to take down so many barriers for gaming that we’re going to see so many new compares compared to if xCloud was never a thing and consoles + PC’s were the only way to play games.

When you think about it like this in a stepped back approach it really opens your eyes, it scares me too because I seriously doubt that Bethesda isn’t going to be the last big thing to happen to Xbox. I think they’re going to be shovelling money at Xbox to the point where we could be seeing games coming to Game Pass as much as we see movies or TV shows coming to Netflix, scary in a good way haha.

The Bethesda purchase to me felt like a big WE’RE HERE TO STAY move, a move where people will actually start to take Xbox seriously. I have already seen the effects of this a lot of people are now looking or even talking about Xbox that would never have before because of it.

Xbox has a very bright future. :star2:

How about green light for next aqusation with every 10th million Gamepass subscribers reached?

Will be a good way to level up the Gamepass RPG by Microsoft executives :wink:

I don’t think there will be anything like that, they’ll acquire companies at will if it fits their needs and wants. They don’t need to hit a milestone to go out and buy more studios :stuck_out_tongue: also I’d expect more studios for more family friendly games too, big hole in that genere for GP right now like Phil said.