Sarah Bond Talks About The Future of Xbox


Quite a few positives there - and it does sound like she re-affirmed Day 1 on Game Pass which is good as it’d appear to be a massive U turn if they stopped that anytime soon…


COD on Game Pass day 1 would be massive. It’ll help with the subscriber base and it’ll instill confidence in the brand and service.

Any potential “loss” of sales by it being in the service would be offset by COD being introduced to Nintendo (Switch 2).

Win win this is the way to do it.


She also made mention they will be launching their mobile Xbox store in July using web-based apps with their first party games first.

There’s actually been an update on that since.

Sarah comes out, essentially ignores everything fans want to know and then incorrectly informs us about a new mobile store.

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How does she incorrectly inform us. She said they would launch it via the web because of the current app store battle with regulators. As for the full games I would think they’re referring to games like Candy Crush and probably so Biizzard games which are not full games but the intention is to get to a place where they can offer full games like console ones. In any case I think it’s a good start rather than to keep waiting for regulators to break open the walled gardens. I also think since they are web based, they are limited in the features they can include. If the windows phone was still a thing a lot of this issues won’t exist.


She mentioned that they bring Minecraft and Candy Crush. You would assume that you can even play them, but that’s not the case (?). Only finding deals and new games.

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This @Haven

She said it will launch with their first party titles and made out the reason for it being on the web was so that they were accessible across all devices.

It won’t actually launch with any titles, it will just allow you to buy in-game content cheaper than via the Google/Apple store.

In fact we have no idea when games will be available on the new platform.

Complete nonsense from Xbox as usual.

If Xbox didn’t think they had misinformed us they wouldn’t have asked Bloomberg to put out further clarification (after the interview)!!!

I…Don’t understand what this even means to be honest. A place for candy crush players to go and save money? I don’t play mobile I assume its so you can buy boosts or MTX.

Is this some weird attempt at more regulatory pressure on those companies. Confusing.

More like soft launch till they can release their store on the AppStore and Play store.

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Will see. I just think web-based apps are pretty limited otherwise they could have done this way before ABK. They had made the case of the Xbox mobile app being the main funding for ABK and Phil had even started talking about putting things together to launch it and just like clockwork Apple and Google worked around the EU law that was supposed to open them. Hopefully this will have some integration with the Xbox app and Game Pass app. Problem with the Game Pass app on mobile is the games are only playable with Cloud which has a low reach and Apple does want competition with Apple Arcade which was said to have had over a hundred million try it as far back as 2022 and is now said to be equal in user volume to Steam and Nintendo Switch.

I’ve been trying to understand what she meant, but I’m going to forget it for now until they’re ready to show something.

Who thought is was a good idea to talk about this now, right after the studio closures? And she looked exhausted or not quite there. Certainly a different side of her I haven’t seen before.

That team needs someone who can help with messaging and timing.

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My thoughts as well but that is if the regulators can come out victorious. Really would have helped if Microsoft hadn’t shut down the windows phone. Apple would not want Game Pass eating their lunch.