Sarah Bond dodges questions on Xbox studio closures


of course she did. such a sad situation. Xbox is in trouble


It’s not even under her chain of command.


Yeah if any more studios go a decade without making a single profitable game, they might go under too!

Exactly like everywhere else!

Ain’t no Xbox is in trouble. Again, this is an industry problem and it’s not going to be the only ones to close the more studios now


I think there’s no reason for her to talk about it, it’s private business that got leaked before they announced anything. She’s also the head of Xbox game studios, not Zenimax so not really her division.

But imo still a bad move by Booty, he should have just put Tango, Arkane Austin and Alpha Dog Game on support for other Zenimax studios to help with getting games released. While allowing a small team from each to prototype a game(similar to the 2 person team like with HFR), that would be smaller in scope than HFR.


Your best bet is at the showcase unless they appear earlier.

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What if he didn’t have a choice? What if he was ordered to shed a certain amount of cost and this was the least painful/disruptive option? That’s the problem, we just don’t know.


I think it’s probably a bad time for her to be out giving interviews, but a not mad at her avoiding it. That’s Phil and Matt’s job.


At least the interviewer acknowledge it’s not her position but might as well ask while you have her.

What would she say? More pointless word salad which could or could not mean something next week when there’s a new strategy shift?

There’s no point listening to the bs.


I have no doubt he was ordered to, as Microsoft answers to their share holders and a lot of them literally order companies to cut jobs as a way to save/make more money for them even if a company is doing great.

But this doesn’t seem like the least painful to me, it sucked with ABK even if they had to cut away the executive roles and it sucks with Zenimax.

Now back on topic, I think that if Phil goes through with the IGN interview that’s when we will be getting anything if at all about this.

Phil should go through with the interview no matter what. Don’t hide from anything, keep it real and actually face the audience.


You’re saying the ‘President of Xbox’ can’t say why they closed 4 studios without making ChatGPT look human?


Because its not her division? Her divison is Xbox Games Studios not Zenimax Media.


It certainly an industry wide issue looking at things I think Sony has maxed their potential and are now looking to join the streaming tv with Crunchy Roll and Paramount as their new vehicles.

Not true.

Sarah Bond is being promoted to Xbox president, leading all Xbox platform and hardware work.

Read Phil Spencer’s full Microsoft memo on the new Xbox leadership changes - The Verge


I’m saying they should take it up with Phil and Matt, who are responsible for these decisions. A bystander is going to tote the company line as closely as possible.

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Damn, some hard questions from Dina Bass.