Samsung 980 PRO SSD priced

Looks like the equivalent SSD expansion on the ps5 from samsung will cost the same as the Series X|S counterpart.

my question is as this heats up what are the speeds on it?

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To what it seems the PS5 M.2 bay sits inside the console. Means it can be safely assumed the storage will not be Hot Swappable which is a downside if you want to take your library with you to another PS5.

I personally like the capabilities of the Xbox solution more even I have to pay a small premium for it for its capabilities. But that is of course personal preference.


It will decrease, hence why Cerny spoke about 3rd party SSDs will need to be faster than the one in the PS5.

I mean Sony haven’t told anyone how this works. Do we know if there is a physical size restriction in play? I’d not be buying anything till Sony show how this works.

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That is true too. The M.2 bay isn’t even mentioned in the Spec Sheet. I would think before you buy a product you need a fully disclosure of capabilities on a technical level. Not a good look for Sony here.

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