'Sail Forth: Maelstrom' Expansion Launches January 11 on PC and Xbox

Originally published at: 'Sail Forth: Maelstrom' Expansion Launches January 11 on PC and Xbox - XboxEra

Developer Festive Vector and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild have announced that their sea exploration title ‘Sail Forth’ will be getting it’s latest expansion ‘Sail Forth: Maelstrom’ on the 11th of January on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Alongside a Nintendo Switch launch of the full game on the 16th, Maelstrom will have players dive headfirst into the heart of the swarm to find untold treasures and plenty of danger to boot.

Per the game’s press page:

Maelstrom Expansion

  • Sail Forth: Maelstrom – Brave the Vortexes! Dive headfirst into the heart of the storm with the Sail Forth Maelstrom expansion! A tempest has swept across the Deepblue, bringing forth colossal vortexes that promise unparalleled challenges and untold treasures. Are you ready to face the Maelstrom?
  • Meet the Arcane Order The Maelstrom is watched over by mysterious guardians who offer strange new rewards to sailors willing to risk charting the depths of the Underworld. In exchange for much-coveted Maelstrom Pearls, the Arcane Order is willing to offer everything from ancient weaponry to custom cosmetics.
  • Beware the Wormkin The Maelstrom introduces a host of menacing adversaries that will test your sailing prowess and combat skills. The Underworld does not easily tolerate interlopers. Do not linger, or the Wormkin may claim your fleet.
  • Expanded Vessel Customization Express yourself with the brand new ship cosmetic system, adding dozens of decorative items that can be fitted to the vessels in your fleet.
  • Sail Forth into the Unknown Continue your nautical adventure with Maelstrom, where the call of the vortexes beckons you to uncharted waters. Will you return to the light, or be swallowed by the abyss?

To celebrate the game’s expansion launch, Sail Forth’s base game will be available for free for a limited time on the Epic Games Store. Check out the trailer and gallery below for more information on Sail Forth: Maelstrom.