[RUMOUR] The next-gen Battlefield maps have been designed with 128+ players in mind


Stop, I can’t take this info too far out. Outside of Halo this is the FPS I can’t wait for. I can only imagine the next-gen goodness.

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It’s going to be crazy. I hope we also get more destructions, looking forward to it

For me, more is not better. The most fun I had with battlefield was with 24 players on the 360 games. I think there is also a big disadvantage if you have this many players and that is the impact every individual has on the outcome of the game. It gets significantly lower the more players participate and this can be very frustrating if you are in the losing team. Why fight hard if the opposing team has 50+ great players, you will never win that game. So then people start either quitting or fight dirty or don’t fight at all. I think Titanfall found a great way with the implementation of npc`s to give this impression of frantic action but still maintain the importance of every individual player.

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Hey, could you put “Rumour” on the title? This may happen, but coming from that subreddit it is indeed rumour/speculation.

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Bfv firestorm honestly should’ve came out as free to play with a good pinging system, could’ve been huge, it literally got thrown out to die.

The whole hook and fun of Battlefield is massive scale battles that feel like a war. 128 players is better SO LONG as the maps are designed with that in mind. No point having every map an unbearable meat grinder. But higher player counts with good map design is a good thing for this game. The reason some of the BF3 maps with 32 players feel better is simply because they were better maps. But they were empty compared to the PC numbers.

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Hope this means we are not seeing BFV and one map design style…: and more bf2 style

128 thats not battlefield thats mag lol

Oh this would be soo much fun!

I remain unconvinced that DICE can do a decent GAAS Battlefield regardless of player count, but if they can capture the magic from earlier games then I’d definitely be keen to see 128 player matches. Crossplay with PS5 and Xbox would be essential though.

Would be cool. I know it wasn’t an Xbox game, but I really enjoyed playing M. A. G. years ago.