Rumor: "Xbox One S V2" show up in Target's system

Twitter user Private Biscuit, who claims to work at Target, has posted an image of the store’s system showing an Xbox One S V2 retailing at $299.99.

Could it be Series S? A new One S model? Or nothing at all?

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Most likely nothing at all, but if it’s real it’s 100% a Lockhart placeholder. You can get a One X for 299.99 these days.

If that really is a revise One S, then that price sure as shit needs to drop prior to the Series S launch.

If it’s a Series S typo then all good. But surely they wouldn’t release the Series S at 399…could they?

This is most likely just another revised XB1S to get it down even cheaper.

My thoughts on pricing

  • XB1S V2 - $149-$199
  • XB SS - $249 - $399
  • XB SX - $449 - $599

my 2c

Possibly a SoC die shrink/refresh? Cheaper to manufacture?

If the following is true X1Sv2 - $299/$250 on sale, but no reason for sales if covid buying frenzy continues XSS - $399 XSX - $599 I wonder if they have intel on Sony’s pricing.

For that price, better be Xbox Series S. 299 for a base xbox one refresh is too much.

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I wonder if that’s the Series S?

As of right now, on the Microsoft Store, the Xbox One S is still at $300. So a new revision for that price is not suprising. Now for the launch of the new consoles, this price can easily drop from $300 to $100-$150, like they did with the One X from $500 to $300.

I think they will have three options by the end of the year :

  • really low-budget option with the Xbox One S for $100-$150
  • mid-budget option with Series S for $300-$350
  • high-end option with Series X for $500

$99 One S $299 Series S $499 Series X

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These new consoles are going to cost more than most are anticipating. And they will set out due to COVID anyway … I think the rumors of $599 for PS5 and XSX are true

People on Reset saying that the DCIP suggests it is not a Series S. That the “31” would be the Xbox One item class, and the way Target’s system works is that a new console would typically have a new item class.

If anything, I’d expect the price to be the more inaccurate aspect here. They may just be going by the current Xbox One S MSRP, and not whatever MSRP this new sku would have. But, it sounds like this is a absolutely an Xbox One S.