Rumor: Ninja Theory already working on next game per Jez Corden


Lol, I appreciate the new SEO hustle. :smile:


Bubububut some guy on Twitter said they were for sure gunna be shut down!

I’ll be hoping for a straight up action game lol


DMC like, or Enslaved like? I’d love that so much. And it doesn’t even necessarily have to be gazillion hours long and what not. The duration of those games was fine.

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If it was up to me, I would let Ninja Theory announce that they’re next game has already been green lit during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended (Tuesday June 11th). A quick video message from Ninja Theory announcing that and thanking those who played/purchased Hellblade 2. At least, this is what I would do.


Well said, friend. Put folks at ease a little, since the exact opposite is the case nowadays ever since the four studio closures. It would be a good thing to do.


Thank you. And agreed.

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Yep, also gives a little more promotion to HB2 post launch

HB is cool but yeah, I’m hoping for the same

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This isn’t a confirmation that they won’t get shut down. Games get cancelled all the time.

Okay, so should we have a big post of every single game and studio in the world about how they are about to be closed? There’s nothing to indicate that NT is in any way at risk more than any other studio

Tango and Arkane Austin both had no games green lit when they were closed. NT has multiple.


Not to be unfair to Jesse (as I get it) but this whole SEO article/thread isn’t necessary.

It might as well read: “Xbox game studio is working on their next game”.

I’m completely fine with an Xbox news site reporting on rumors about new projects. Much much better than the baseless “every studio is being closed” articles from other places, and posts like the one I responded to


A single article like this has made us more money than every review I’ve written this year combined.


Random thought, would it be possible to have these articles have their own tag other than the gaming one they’re currently posting with, that a person could mute things that post there if they don’t want to see it while they’re on the forum? I think that’s what was done with the forgera stuff and I don’t see whatever posts there.

I simply don’t make threads for articles I don’t think are interesting. Those ones also never appear on our site, you have to google for them. I chose to make a thread for this story.

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Yeah I bet, it’s a shame the hard work you put into your reviews don’t get the same credit/clicks.

Like I said I understand, it just doesn’t really tell us anything we realistically already know. It wasn’t meant to be criticism but the majority of studios will be working on their next game (except perhaps a few live service type studios).

If it pays the bills…

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I don’t care either way, just thought that would allow people to ignore all of them if they wanted.

I only post the ones I think someone might be interested in, for every one you see there’s 15 you don’t :valle:


Jesse in the content mines working for us so we can argue like children on a free form :saluting_face: