RUMOR: Details emerge for next Tomb Raider game


can type these up in 10 minutes or less and they generate more money than every review we’ve done this year combined, :sob:


Clicky-dic strikes again…

trying to stick with rumors that are reputable, this account gets a lot of entertainment stuff right. figure they got a video game scoop since it’s tied to amazon


It’s all good. I even click on them, for you :wink:


Next up, FIFA is going open-world! Lol. I know they originally wanted to go open-world with the reboot, I hope it’s something scoped right and unique, not another gigantic by-the-book Assassin’s Creed / Far Cry wannabe please.

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It may feel icky or something, but I think it’s the smart play.

I’ve been going to Pure Xbox for my timely Xbox news and rumours and this site for Xbox discussion, simply because you guys haven’t been doing that stuff consistently.

The forum is already miles better than Pure Xbox, so if the Xboxera front-page can become a reliable source for timely news and rumours, it’ll definitely position itself as a very strong alternative to Pure Xbox.

I’ve no opinion on reviews, as I don’t read those anywhere.

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it’s rarely front-facing, so it’s not “click bait”. they’re mostly for SEO, searching. it’s about answering people’s questions. I just did one for “when is GTA 6 coming out?” it’s not on the site unless you search for it, did the same for halo season 3 and that one has nearly 7k views because people want to know



I was hoping to see the not so great sounding rumors squashed here.

The ones where it would be called Tomb Raiders, so multiple folks and Lara handing the torch to someone else.

Let that nonsense be BS please. Please CD!

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Nice change of pace for Tomb Raider. I’ve always enjoyed CD’s work so I’ll definitely be tuning in on this upcoming game. I’m just scared that being open world it could end up being filled with repetitive side quests but we’ll see.

Would prefer the map setup of Rise of the Tomb Raider which is not only my favorite game in the franchise but also the best game in the franchise in my opinion.

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Some additional “info” as per Neogaf who has GamingLeaksAndRumours Reddit as source (but it brings me to the main Reddit page of that)

  • Generic Ubigame" structure.
  • 4 companions with their own habilities.
  • Open or semi-open world, not clear.
  • Lara would have a motorcycle, to make it easier for players to explore.
  • MMO elements.
  • 5 villains, very stereotypical, including a rich man, a mob boss, and two brothers.
  • Familiar characters returning, Jonah Maiava and Kurtis Trent.
  • Lara will have a skill tree with spells.
  • The game is a mix of various trends and genres.

So that one rumor from at least a year ago might be true after all. But iirc that rumor claimed we’d be playing as these companions too, but that doesn’t seem likely. Good. TR is Lara, I don’t even need companions in there games to be honest.

Open world and what not, yeah, I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Me too. Really love that interconnected, metroidvania-like world structure, like Jedi FO/Survivor and and God of War reboot.

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I don’t doubt the next Tomb Raider will be awful (no exaggeration here, i.e. Crystal Dynamics have been getting worse & worse, aka there’s no miracles in game dev: less talent = lesser game) but I don’t believe this rumor at all.

Kurtis Trent comes from a big Tomb Raider flop from 20 years ago, i.e. no one other than the most hardcore fans (that’s probably myself in this instance) knows who he is.

I guess he might exist as a skin of some sort in an MMO but that would simply confirm my original point about the prospective next Tomb Raider ‘game’ mentioned here, i.e. awful!

Ive been a big fan of the ‘Survivor’ series of Tomb Raider reboot games. The action scenes, fighting/combat, the exploration and tombs, all wrapped up in a nice, single player experience.

The level of strategy i was happy enough with was the skills system and how you approached getting through a particular area (stealth, blow everything up etc) but i have no interest at in making teams and allies and so on, or trekking over ground, back and forward trying to find the next part of the story.

If they get the new ideas slickly implemented, then ill probably enjoy it as much as the previous 3, but it seems to me they are heading down a path that might effectively make this feel unrecognisable from what i experienced with the earlier games.


I’m cool with an open world Tomb Raider honestly. Just curious as to how far the open-ness would go and how they’d design the map.

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