(RUMOR) ARMA Reforger PC/Xbox One/Series S|X

So here it is, coming out of nowhere. A new ARMA game by Bohemia Interactive is apparently in development for PC and Xbox (PS4/5 in the future).

It seems like it is some kind of reboot, launching as a platform with a coop and competitive multiplayer and will include a mission editor and modding.


It seems legit, though of course, we should wait for confirmation.

I really want this to be true.

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/upg8oz/arma_reforger_marketing_and_brand_guide_leak/


OOOOOOOOOH! Please be true.

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

(It seems too good to be true !! :crossed_fingers:)


These are the same folks that made Operation Flash point back in the day? That was some good stuff on PC.


Yeah, same studio, although it was a long time ago. Codemasters kept the license and made their own games (Dragon Rising and Red River with their proprietary engine) so they made ARMA, the spiritual successor of Operation Flashpoint. And now it seems they’re back to the Cold War period of the original game. Music to my ears !


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(23) Arma Reforger Enfusion Showcase Trailer - YouTube

not a rumor anymore.


OMG it’s beautiful.

And already in Early Access on PC !

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It does look nice - What kind of game is it?

I can see the full release being on Game Pass in the near future.

Interesting! No date for Xbox yet.

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I just saw people saying Xbox Early Access is also releasing today. :crossed_fingers:

It’s in the store NOW ! 29,99$. There’s a free trial.

What a lovely day !

Seriously? On Xbox? Let’s go!!!

If it even remotely has the tension of Operation Flashpoint we’re in for a treat.

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I looked at some videos and streamers. It seems like there’s only the multiplayer at the moment. It’s pretty rough and really early as a release, but the gameplay is there and it will probably improve from there.

Hmmm, I see. I guess the video was maxed out pc, because that looked rather good.

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