Roguelite Platformer 'Bing In Wonderland' Hits Xbox Consoles March 14

Originally published at: Roguelite Platformer 'Bing In Wonderland' Hits Xbox Consoles March 14 - XboxEra

Developer Wanba Studio and publisher E-Home Entertainment have announced that their roguelite platformer ‘Bing In Wonderland’ will launch on Xbox One and Series consoles on the 14th of March. A roguelite platformer, Bing In Wonderland is filled to the brim with exotic enemies and stages with a collection of deep and robust boons, weapons, and items plus an abundance of pointless features and useless details.

The Xbox version is optimized for Series consoles and is Xbox One X Enhanced, with 42 new item skins. The game will retail at $14.99 USD ($13.49 on discount as of now).

Game features

l   Many types of weapons

BOW! SPEAR! CANNON! AXE! AND HARP! Choose your weapon and beat’em up!


Put your booty to work in a fast-paced combat where your butt is your ultimate weapon!

l   Colorful and varied progression!

BiW features many unique items and boons to be explored and combined by the player to form their unique combat style.

l   Waves of enemies!

Different enemies appear in different stages with great variety, some shoots thunder while some shoots thunder poop.

l   A new fresh “AAA” experience!

Although we are an indie game studio, we wanted to create a game rivaling that of other triple A games, so we simply redefined those As. This game features “A lot of Pancakes”, “A lot of Money”, and “A lot of fishes”!

l   Packaged new item skins!

35 new weapon skins, all in different styles, are stunning and will bring you a visual feast! Whether you like a simple style or a gorgeous look, there is something for everyone!

Added 7 cool wings, which not only look stylish, but also provide additional mobility to make you more powerful on the battlefield!

Have a gander at the release trailer and gallery below for more details on Bing In Wonderland.