Rocksteady’s new game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Reveal on August 23 during DC FanDome.

What’s going on? No hype for a new Rocksteady game? Personally I can’t wait to see the gameplay (hopefully) on August 23.

I guess after people see it… :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to it myself.

After seeing what Avengers is turning out to be…

Please not be a huge souless GaaS cash grab.

Other than that, Im cautiously optimistic.

Man, I can’t wait for the 23rd to see gameplay of this.

Killing people in a superhero game? :doubt:

Looking forward to seeing what it is, just pretty please no timed exclusive bullshit by anyone*

*I’m looking at you Sony…

Interested because of the developer but skeptical because of the game’s concept. Will have to wait and see

I want to be hyped for it but, unless they use the later New 52 roster (or was it Rebirth?), the characters will be down to earth like Batman. Don’t get me wrong, Rocksteady absolutely nailed the feeling of being Batman. I was just hoping that the next DC action outing would be more out there & less… Mundane.

Seems that they will be showing 20 minutes of the game. Hoping for a good gameplay segment. I’m interested and am looking forward to seeing the game.

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Source? Because that would be nice.

That being said, there have been rumors that this is a GaaS game. That’s not necessarily bad, I mean AC nowadays is a GaaS and it’s very much a SP experience. But something like Suicide Squad really lends itself for a co-op or just in general online based game.

Rocksteady for me is the kind of studio that excels at SP games, I guess it’s still possible but it doesn’t sound like it will be like their Batman games, as in being a full on SP game. Personally I don’t care much for SS at all though, but I will wait and see before judging any further.

Link Below. Scroll down in the article. I’m more in favor of live service games because if I like/love the combat/gameplay and game in general, majority of the time, I want more of it. However, this only applies to the single player aspect. No interest in co-op or multi-player. So for example, im super hyped for Outriders but it’s said to be more like The Witcher III or Assassin’s Creed Origins/Odyssey in which you get a complete game but with expansions later on. At least, that’s what they’ve hinted at in regards to post launch content for Outriders.

I can’t judge Suicide Squad because im not a Marvel/DC fan so to speak. I’ll watch a movie here and there (last one being the last Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman and that’s more due to me loving the Wolverine character and Jackman plays that role great).

With that said, I made a mistake last generation by quitting Batman Arkham Asylum at the halfway point and Arkham City after maybe an hour. I tried playing them again after Arkham Knight which I completed but just no interest in playing the older games. In short, I know those games are great so I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice which is why I played Spider Man for PS4 at launch, will play Miles Morales on PS5 when I eventually buy it and will play Avengers on Series X in November. So I am very much looking forward to Suicide Squad and WB Montreal’s Batman game. Either or both would have to be bad for me to skip them.

GAAS, Suicide Squad - low to zero expectations. Maybe it will surprise

This will be… Interesting. Don’t underestimate Suicide’s Squad potential.

Rocksteady already got all good credits for what they did with Arkham franchise :batman:

I wish they’d kill that title. Oof.

Rocksteady is an excellent dev but I have 0 interest in suicide squad.

Major Yikes

Delayed until 2023: (original: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?)

Selfishly I’m bummed out but it is what it is. I was probably looking more forward to this game than any other third party title out there scheduled for 2022.

No surprise. I have been saying that Suicide Squad was going to get delayed to 2023 since last summer. Gotham Knights is expected to be August/September and Hogwarts Legacy will be November. No way WB was going to release all three games in the second half of 2022.

But it’s all good. Let Rocksteady take as much time as they need.

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