Rock Band celebrates it's 3000th official DLC release on Xbox with the return of Muse after 14 years

(Playstation is at 2,999 loadable in Rock Band 4 this week due to Sony rejecting the RBN Megamix way back in '09)

Rock Band is still getting new tracks and has made it to 3,000 official Harmonix tracks. To celebrate the occasion they finally obtained more Muse DLC, including Knights of Cydonia which was featured in Guitar Hero 3.

For background, “Moar Muse” has been a meme for eons in the Rock Band community. Former HMX are even chipping in:

Special side note: the most songs Rock Band 3 could ever load, even with Rock Band Network songs, was 2,956 due to memory limitations on the Xbox 360. This is the first time any Rock Band has been able to have 3,000 songs in one library at once.


What’s the short story behind the studio previously working to ensure no MUSE titles were on the game platform?

Ha, that’s just a running joke because people on their forums used to accuse Harmonix of blocking Muse from returning, like yeah they totally don’t want to sell popular songs.

In reality it was probably either a timing or money issue, and Epic’s purchase of Harmonix has landed some bigger songs and artists since then, so that Fortnite money is really paying off for them. Have to assume Epic would be behind releasing a new Rock Band at this point if they’re putting this much into supporting Rock Band 4 which is a 7 year old game at this point, but at the moment they couldn’t even make another instrument run if they wanted to due to the chip shortage.


Rock Band was a great game. I hope Xbox is able to do something cool with the Guitar Hero license.

I love Rock Band but I wish the guitar situation wasn’t such a mess.

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Yeah I’d love to pick up a Rockband or Guitar Hero game now that I have my own place, but (at least last I looked) I might as well wait for Rocksmith + (unless that’s already launched?)

Rocksmith+ is 15$ a month and the only Blue Oyster Cult song they have is their cover of Born to be Wild. Ubisoft seemingly is spending less money on song licensing than Konami did for Rock Revolution.

You’re better off grabbing any remaining DLC from Rocksmith 2014.