ROBLOX has 150 million monthly active users - XboxEra

150 million monthly active users 1.6 million concurrent users for the biggest mini-game 250 million yearly revenue official Wonder Woman content

How is this game so big. Lol.

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Crazy how single fan-made minigames in this game have more concurrent users than most triple-A games out there.

Wonder when some big IP lawyers are gonna step in. There’s quite some IP violation going on in ROBLOX I believe…

Hilarious how for all the “Xbox no exclusives” talk, they’ve had arguably the biggest one in the world all along lol

I watch my son play this. I still don’t get it. LOL

Just another example of you never know what’s going to stick.

No idea what this is, but is this bigger than Minecraft and fortnite then?

Yeah, but Fortnite and Minecraft make a lot more money.

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I’m not a fan of it at all. I just can’t work it out. My son asks now and again but it just leads to frustration.