Ride with the Ninja Turtles in Free Update to 'Session: Skate Sim'

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Developer Crea-ture Studios and publisher Nacon have announced a free update, available now, to ‘Session: Skate Sim’ featuring a collaboration with Paramount Pictures’ and Viacom’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. This update adds the four green Turtles—Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael—to the game’s roster alongside new skateboards, clothes, camera filters, and a Sewer map. And of course, a fair chunk of bug fixes:

General de-bug & Fixes:- Mission Log status saved on reboot: “Untracked” missions previously became “Tracked” in the Mission Log on a reboot – this is fixed and track status is now persistent
– Scoop speed control
We have added the ability to dictate the speed of scooped tricks by managing the relative speed of the scoop input. Therefore a slow scoop on a shuv-it will lead to a slow shuv, and vice versa. Arc-length has now been cut as a scoop input method.
– Board pitch in Manual board control is dictated by the angle of the trick input and is now maintained for the duration of the trick – helping in landing orientation for grinds, manuals, and landing in banks!
– Board flip offset adjustments – Board position under player has been improved – as shared by Donovan on Instagram
– Camera – Fisheye camera lens has been revamped to improve granularity and improve fidelity.
– Other general debug fixes…

Skateshop content:
– Bug fixes on apparel
– Suck clothing integrated

– Improved audio on manuals & kick turns
– Board flipping feature – dependent on rolling speed and flip speed
– Tweaked board breaking heights
– Added option to toggle flatspot audio
– Updated foot grip-tape sliding sfx for most tricks
– Added more wood scuff sound on pressure flips
– Split landing impact sounds so some follow the skater and some stay at the location of impact

Skate Session Sim Blog Post

The developer also talks about their continued onboarding for new staff members to continue support for Session, beckoning those with the right skills to apply on their careers website.

Check out the TMNT trailer below to see the Turtles in action. You can check out the full blog post for this update right here.