Review | Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League


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Glad to hear the game looks and plays well. As a big DC fan generally, I have to say that the main characters are unappealing and the whole premise of “Watch everything you like about DC die horribly and get destroyed” feels mean-spirited and leaves me cold. If the game finds its audience then good for Rocksteady, but I just really don’t get the direction they chose to take with this game.

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Great review as always.

Was fun watching you play the past couple of days too. I’m not that into schlooters really but you’ve piqued my interest enough to consider it if I find it in a sale down the line.

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So far so good! VGC have scored it 4/5


Interesting. Probably won’t pick this up right away, but I’ll likely snag it at some point.

Good review Jesse. Will play this once Rocksteady adds the off-line mode which will probably be later this year.


I love (game name) so much. My wife and I have been playing it non stop for two weeks. Well… I say wife but, it’s actually a blow up doll with a poorly drawn face on it. She’s useful so I can use the carpool lane!

From the footage alone I can see the game feels great to play, looks gorgeous, and with smooth traversal, it might be the best looking and produced game as a service we have. But yeah as I expected its structure and mission style, it’s not for me unfortunately.

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I created an XboxEra clan in SSKTJL if people are interested

XboxEra XBE


maybe i’ll jump in if they add in redhood :thinking:

Game is doing alright on the US for PlayStation, curious about the Xbox numbers


It’s #2? Wow. Wasn’t expecting that.