Review | Shadow Gambit: Yuki's Wish & Zagan's Ritual

Shadow Gambit: Cursed Crew got a 9 from me back in August, and then we found out Mimimi Games was shutting down after putting out some final content. That content is here, and it’s excellent, keeping up the quality of the soon-to-be shuttered studio with a brilliant send-off for all of their fans. The DLCs are titled Zagan’s Ritual and Yuki’s Wish. A free update is hitting alongside both that offers up 14 new treasure hunt missions for free to anyone who owns the main game. I’m going to miss this developer a lot, so let’s get into it one last time.

Yuki’s Wish

I started playing through Yuki’s Wish, and this Shadow Tactics character fits in with the crew perfectly. Both DLCs become available once you’ve reached Act 2 of the game and have your three initial characters. Playing on a Steam Beta build we were provided with an endgame save file and I immediately went to the barrel on the deck of the Red Marley with the dragon symbol on top of it. Yuki is a trap master, and along with her pet Tanuki, she can lure enemies into a deadly hail of arrows or stab ‘em up real good from behind.

Her six missions are centered around a new area called the Dragon’s Dream. Bringing an Eastern flavor it’s a Japanese-themed locale full of magic, mystery, and of course Dragons. There are six missions total in Yuki’s wish though you cannot access the final two unless you’ve unlocked the Captain’s Mirror in the main campaign.

Yuki is extremely powerful, as any enemy she slays turns into wood. Why does this happen? Who knows! Guards ignore the wood and it makes for some really easy eliminations when you don’t have to worry about a corpse. Her missions are tough, long, and excellent. Yuki and Kuma (the Tanuki) fit into the crew perfectly.

Zagan’s Ritual

Zagan is a monster, literally and figuratively. He lives on an Adam’s family-style mansion island and has a horrifying skillset. Whereas Yuki is focused on hiding and using traps, Zagan is a brute who goes face-to-face with his enemies. A former member of the Inquisition his main attack doesn’t kill, instead it fills his victim with mad visions and heals him. Other moves include a long-range kill that will stun enemies for five seconds before taking them out, at the cost of 1 HP for Zagan. His main terrifying ability, though, can trigger passively or be activated directly.

Any time an enemy spots Zagan they are instantly stunned for five seconds. It is awesome to use with others as he runs up to one person, stunning them. I’d have Yuki or another member take out anyone around them and the combos available continued the game’s tough but satisfying gameplay loop.

Zagan’s story follows the same path, with six main story missions the final two of which you can’t access without the Captain’s Mirror. Whereas Yuki’s story was brighter in tone and color palette, Zagan’s is dark with lots of black & white horror throughout.

Wrapping Things Up

I am going to miss Mimimi Games. Shadow Tactics, Desperados, and Shadow Gambit are all fantastic games. They’ve left us with a real treat as both of these DLCs are chock full of incredible content. The new characters feel great, their stories are damned good, and they mix into the existing campaign well.


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Oh, absolutely! It’s very sad. We already don’t have many of these games on consoles.

But thankful for these great games.

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