Review | Return to Grace - New Game Pass Title


Looks interesting. Hope the camera works for me.

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Played this for a bit, and I would have liked it and continued playing if it didn’t take control away from me every two minutes and if it significantly toned down the annoying ai chatter. There’s cool ideas & world there but just couldn’t go on with those annoying design choices.

I do believe their is a option to cut down chatter in the settings for the ai… but that is how the game tells its story so cutting it down may take away what is happening

Enjoying it so far - using it as a chill out break between the emotion of Banishers, the compulsive cleanliness of Powerwash Simulator DLC (and A Little To The Left) and starting Tales of Arise (also may check out Dead Island 2).

I like the “intriguing story as you walk” games, it’s reminding me of Deliver Us The Moon / Mars and The Invincible which I loved


I played it for about 20 mins, seems interesting, seems a lot like a recent game called Invincible or deliver us the moon but I’m always up for these types of gams

Yep I’m an hour or two in now, and I’m finding the different AIs quite interesting - particularly the function / approach of each and don’t mind the chatter.

I can see how someone who wasn’t a fan of the genre might find it a bit much though

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I like this genre. My favorites are Edith Finch & Firewatch. I’m still salty Valve bought the Firewatch studio and stopped developments on their project.


Finished it this morning, really enjoyed it.

Definitely makes you think about the nature of AI and utopia etc., definitely worth the play