Review | PowerWash Simulator - Warhammer 40,000 Special Pack


Such a cool and relaxing game. Never thought it would be so enjoyable, but it turned out to be super addictive. Haven’t bought any of the paid DLC just yet, but I might.


I’ve bought both the other two paid DLCs and been a fan, I don’t really know Warhammer that well but will probably buy this too with some reward points to give me more to clean.

Agree on it being addictive - that “ping” just does something in the reward centre of my brain, I swear lol


I know exactly what you mean, haha.

I do have to admit though there have been some near hair pulling moments in the main game in some levels. Trying to find a tiny spot I hadn’t cleaned yet and even with the button to have it show it was hard to see, lol.

But overall, what a surprise. One thing is for sure, if there is gonna be a sequel, I’ll get it, if it’s not a GP launch.

Same lol, House Flipper didn’t have the same staying power but is a similar one I’d never have tried without Game Pass but have happily bought DLC for and will buy the sequel.

Those tiny bits are annoying - I’m glad the start button has that list with “Clean!” against items so you can scroll down and find the specific object as some of the bigger ones it takes long enough to find the hidden spot without having to check every object

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I’ve never played House Flipper. Checked it out on YouTube and that looks cool! If it’s still on GP I’ll go check it out tomorrow.

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House Flipper rules, really enjoying 2 on PC right now as well.


First: Thanks (again) for doing DLC reviews, something I find is lacking elsewhere!

Second: I need this.